Find YOURSelf. Find YOURSoul. Find YOURS

Welcome to The Life.

My name is Tom and I’m here to help you Find YOURS! The same way I found mine; through developing your mind, body, and soul. Pursuing goals in these three areas of Self is the best way to strengthen yourself as an individual and achieve the self-growth that will transform your life.


In keeping with the theme of Mind, Body, and Soul I’ve decided to begin posting what I like to call simple “Daily’s.” Each day I will post suggestions on small and simple things you can do to satisfy each area of your Self. It’s important to remember that the numbers shouldn’t be your focus. It doesn’t matter how long, how many, how perfect. What matters here is that you do it and remain consistent. Each small step over time will add up to a great distance. The idea is to do one thing, minimum, every single day to satisfy each of these three areas of Self.

Daily’s for December 6, 2018.

Mind - Do yourself a favor and go to the library. Through my travels I’ve been hours at a library in just about every city I’ve been in. I really believe that the library is the last true place of free thought. There is no agenda, no bias, no one telling you what to read or what to think. You just go and absorb the knowledge provided to you. Go to the library and spend a couple hours there, peruse the selection, find something that peaks your interest, and just sit down to read it for a while. It’s a great place to learn and feed your brain.

Body - Where I’m from in Upstate New York, this time of year is usually pretty snowy which means; the driveway and back porch need to be cleared off. Seriously you can learn a lot from a good days honest work. Get some chores done today, finish up that project you’ve put off to the side, rake the leaves, shovel some snow, do whatever you gotta do. Chop up some wood if you have to, I don’t care, but make it count!

Soul - You know what else is good for this time of year? Crockpots. Yup. I think today you should make yourself your favorite home-cooked meal. Nothing is as good for the soul as a plate of (insert: whatever delicious craving you are having at this particular moment.) We both know you won’t regret this.