Find YOURSelf. Find YOURSoul. Find YOURS

Welcome to The Life.

Focused on self care and individual strength, FindYOURS is dedicated to helping individuals seeking healthy balance within themselves and serves as a guide towards finding your true Self. My name is Tom and I’m here to help you Find YOURS! The same way I found mine; through developing your mind, body, and soul. Pursuing goals in these three areas of Self is the best way to strengthen yourself as an individual and achieve the growth that will transform your life.


In keeping with the theme of Mind, Body, and Soul I’ve decided to begin posting what I like to call simple “Daily’s.” Each day I will post suggestions on small and simple things you can do to satisfy each area of your Self. It’s important to remember that the numbers shouldn’t be your focus. It doesn’t matter how long, how many, how perfect. What matters here is that you do it and remain consistent. Each small step over time will add up to a great distance. The idea is to do one thing, minimum, every single day to satisfy each of these three areas of Self.

Daily’s for January 2, 2019.

Welcome to the New Year FindYOURS Fam! 2018 was a year of incredible growth, introspection, and positivity for me personally. How was 2018 for you? If it wasn’t all you hoped for then fear not! This is your year. For the beginning of this year I am skipping the daily “Mind, Body, Soul goals” and am placing a general Mind, Body, Soul message for the first few weeks of 2019.

This year I invite you all to participate in your own Mind, Body, Soul routine. It’s so important to stay balanced and when you neglect one area of Self, the other’s start to feel the weight. Eventually you’ll feel off-center and you might tumble. Let’s not do that this year. In 2019 pursue things that strengthen your mind like making time to read every day or playing challenging brain-games like cross-word puzzles or Sodoku. Do the right things for your body like eating fruits and vegetables and staying away from excess sugar and fatty fast foods. Do some yoga for an amazing mind-body combo! Get outside and soak up some sunlight and breath in the fresh air. Lastly, make sure there is room in your life for the things that are important to you; the things that fuel your Soul. Play guitar, write poetry, try cooking experiments, hike the 46 high peaks, go bungee-jumping! Stay excited so the mundane doesn’t dull the luster of the rest of your life.

What are some of your Mind, Body, Soul goals for this year? Let me know!