3 Things You Gain When You Get Healthy

The people around you will notice. They will. They’ll compliment you and it will fill you up. Positivity will fill you up so much you’ll feel like you’re floating. Then they’ll ask you about it and you’ll have something to be proud of and something to share. They might even be so inspired by the accomplishment that they have seen first hand that they will go home and make some changes of their own. The energy, which you have harnessed from friends, places, achievements, and goals, will happily attract more and graciously offer itself to those around you.

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Tom Dillon Comments
What You Can Learn From A 5-Mile Race

You probably would not have made it there if you didn’t hold yourself accountable to get up and go for a run in the first place. Someone else may have not made it there had they not been inspired by your pursuit. You may never have met that special person and they may never have met you. The spider-web of positive outcomes and chance encounters will continue to grow as you work to better yourself from within. Strengthening yourself will in turn strengthen those around you.

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