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I have been working on a method of pursuing goals that is centered on the three areas of Self; mind, body, and soul. The idea is to do one thing, minimum, every single day to satisfy each of these three areas. Beginning September 24th, right here, I will begin posting what I like to call simple “Daily’s.” Each day I will post suggestions on small and simple things you can do to satisfy your Self. It’s important to remember that the numbers shouldn’t be your focus. It doesn’t matter how long, how many, how perfect. What matters here is that you do it and remain consistent. Each small step over time will add up to a great distance.

Daily’s for November 9, 2018.

Mind - Turn OFF your cellphone for 30 minutes and read in silence. Doesn’t have to be a book. Could be a blog or your favorite magazine. Everyone needs a break from the constant connectivity every once in a while.

Body - Think back to when you were a little kid, before social media, before subscription television… what was your favorite outdoor activity? Jumping rope? Roller skating? For me it was jumping on the trampoline in the back yard! Get out there and DO IT!

Soul - Everyone loves a home cooked meal. It’s even better when you share it with the people you love! Why don’t you call your SO, get your kids together, or hang out with your grandmother and whip up your favorite recipe together?