I firmly believe that music is the language of the Universe. There is a reason that music has been such an integral part of human existence for all these years; it connects us to something bigger, a greater wisdom. I truthfully believe that music in all it’s various forms is a key piece of healing, communicating, and understanding. Below is some music that I’m really into at the moment and that I’d like to share with everyone. I really think it’s important to have a diverse taste in music. There are so many different flavors that can expose you to all different types of thoughts and emotions. Give them a listen and let me know what you think!

White Denim - Performance

I discovered this band while I was on the road out east this summer. They were performing a live in-studio set on XM’s Jam On and really caught my ear.

The first song on the album “Magazin” is a pretty great start. Funky with a crunchy production that gives it that awesome raw rock sound I love. Even the horns sound like they’re distorted.

The whole track list is like but it’s pretty diverse. “Double Death” has parts that sound like they came straight from a 70’s funk track and other parts that sound like a Pharrell Williams jam, and a touch of Johnny Winter.

The title track “Performance” gives me a sense of The Strokes approach to the post-hardcore, garage-rock revival.

The whole album is laced with attention grabbing progressive rock riffs, unusual but not confusing song structure, and catchy vocal melodies.

I really like this album and am feeling this band a lot right now. Check them out!

Dopapod - Megagem

I have been following this band since they were a three-piece organ trio. The first time I saw them was at a back yard festival in my college town of Oneonta, NY in 2009. Ever since then they have released their album’s on Christmas Day and so my present to my friends has always been a full album listening party.

This album wasn’t released on Christmas this year so that tradition couldn’t be observed.

I have been listening to this album a whole bunch lately because frankly I just LOVE this band. They are my version of Phish at Nectar’s. If you have never listened to Dopapod before I suggest you start at their first album Radar and listen to how each album progresses. They are an unbelievably talented progressive-rock band that has mastered the art of improvisation in the funk-jazz arena.

Stand out's for me are “Plaese Haalp” and “Starfish” and every track in between them.


George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

Oh, George. Thank you for the musical gifts you left to the world. This album being one of them. How do you come off the break-up of The Beatles a year before and write “My Sweet Lord?” C`mon.

A few years ago I got a record player from my parents and naturally I raided their record collection and took this album with me.

I don’t have that record player with me at the moment but thanks to the wonders of technology I can still listen to this masterful work.

George Harrison is a great songwriter and guitar player but what I love the most about him is his insight, approach to wisdom, and the calmness of mind his music seems to bring to me. Just remember, he wrote “Here Comes The Sun.”