How I Decided to Give Up Alcohol

Every day that I don’t drink I feel like I’m winning something. I feel like I’m in some kind of un-official contest with myself and I’m always winning and every day I get a prize. Each day I add to the count is another prize. The prize of day 741 is adding 1 from 740. Every time I think about having a drink while I’m out with friends or I feel like I am missing out on something I remember how far I have come and how long it’s been. If I were to have a drink I feel like I would be cheating on myself.  It’s been 746 days since I’ve had any alcohol and I feel great about it so what would be the point?

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Tom DillonComment
When Life Gives You Lyme... Disease

When you blame the Universe you give up control over yourself. Casting blame at the Universe means that you have allowed yourself to believe that God (or some higher spirit) has aimed an arrow of misfortune directly at you. And if the Universe is the only source of your suffering then it becomes the only source of relief. You’ll always be waiting for it to swoop in and save you. That’s nihilistic and unhealthy because then it's "Well why do anything at all if it's not up to me?" Having some accountability is extremely empowering. Once you recognize and own your decisions you will take back control over your ability to change the outcome.

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